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Shipping Field

  • Shipping Agency
  • Owners Representatives
  • Suez Canal Transit
  • Stevedoring & cargo Operations
  • Loading & Discharging Supervision
  • Fright Forwarders

General Ship Suppliers (Supplying)

  • Provision &Bond Stores.
  • Charts & Publications.
  • General Suppliers.
  • Hardwar Suppliers.
  • Fresh Water Supply.
  • Bunker Supply.
  • Deck & Engine Stores.
  • Safety Equipments.
  • Marine Chemicals.
  • Refilling Gases.

Transit Trade

our transit warehouse built on 500 M2 inside custom we are sole agent & stockist for:
  • BC Marine Tapes (Hatch Cover Tapes).
  • BC Petro Tapes (Anticorrosive Tapes).
  • Victor Pyratee Tank Cleaning Machines .

Parcel Clearance

  • Declareing parcels for delivery to vessel from airport.
  • Transfer parcels from vessel to another in the same port or different port.
  • Parcels forwarders from vessel to abroad.

Crew Exchange & Repatriation

  • Receiving Crew at airport.
  • Arranging transportation.
  • Boking hotels.
  • Booking flight tickets.